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SlimJet Pro Hand Dryer

SlimJet Pro hand dryers are professional grade hand dryers designed for fast drying in heavy duty traffic. They have 50% lower noise compared to other high speed hand dryers. It comes with flame retardant stainless steel fusion cover. The classic design of this hand dryer makes it look elegant in all washrooms.

  • Motor: Heavy duty brushed motor, 25000 RPM

  • Operates automatically with IR sensors

  • The motor and heating coil protected with thermal fuse and thermal cut off

Salient Features of Slim Jet Pro Hand Dryer

Flame & Heat Resistant plastics

for utmost user safety

Specially designed curved blade impeller for high velocity air at lower sound levels

High velocity air with optimized heating dries hands in 12 seconds while consuming significantly less energy per hand drying cycle

Slim Jet Pro Salient features.jpg

Heavy duty motor for excellent 

performance and long operating life even under heavy loads  

Solid State Relay for extended operating life

Slim_Jet_Pro_expanded view.gif

Designed and manufactured

in India to the highest

quality standards


A world class product with uncompromising quality with 2 years warranty (extendable upto 5 years upon purchase of extended warranty).

12 seconds drying time means less waiting and happy users

The high speed motor along with the dynamically curved impeller delivers high velocity air and lower noise levels to dry hands in 12 seconds

SlimJet Pro 50% power consumption.jpg

Minimum 85% operational Cost Reduction compared to paper towels

At 900W rated power and 12 seconds drying time, it consumes only 0.003 units of electricity per hand drying cycle.

This equates to cost of INR 0.05 per hand drying cycle compared to INR 0.5 when using paper towels representing 90% operating cost reduction compared to paper towel  

slim jet pro hand dryer dimensions
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SlimJet Pro hand dryer in Stainless Steel
AS 55-IR (SF) 
AS-55-IR Plastic Cover CloseUp 2 19.11.2022.jpg
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Differences between SlimJet Pro (AS 65-IR Series) and SlimJet (AS 55-IR Series) Hand Dryers:

SlimJet Pro and SlimJet Series hand dryers have similar appearance but differ in some features as mentioned in the table.

To know more about the safety shutdown feature, please refer the specifications above.

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