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Stainless Steel Hand Dryer

Model : AS 45-IR (SM)
stainless steel hand dryer features

Model AS 45-IR (SM) is a stainless steel hand dryer with mirror finish deep drawn single piece stainless steel # 304 outer cover. This is one of our most popular stainless steel hand dryer due to its heavy duty design and low noise motor. 

This stainless steel hand dryer has been completely redesigned from the inside and now features solid state relays for longer product life and anti-microbial high impact resistant plastics for utmost hygiene for the users. 

  • ​​Outer Cover: Deep drawn single piece 1.2 mm thick stainless steel # 304 outer cover with mirror finish

  • Operation: Fully automatic with IR sensor

  • Plastics: Fire retardant high impact resistant poly-carbonate with anti-microbial additives.

  • Relay: solid state for longer operating life of electronic control circuit.

Dimensions of stainless steel hand dryer
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