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V Jet Hand Dryer

  • The new V Jet Hand Dryer is a revolutionary new hand dryer which scrapes water from hands of the user and dries them in under 15 seconds.

  •  The V Jet Hand Dryer does not use a heating element and uses high speed blades of air to dry hands quickly.

  • The hand dryer uses only 1250W power and leads to significant savings compared to traditional hand dryers and paper towels.

Features of V Jet Hand Dryer
  • Made from high impact fire retardant polycarbonate with silver ion technology for life time anti-microbial protection.

  • HEPA filters (2 nos) remove 95% of impurities from intake air before blowing it on hands.

  • HEPA filters are protected by a grill and are easily accessible for cleaning and replacement without opening the hand dryer. 

The water scrapping action of V Jet hand dryer is highlighted in the video

V Jet Hand Dryer HEPA filter
Anti-bacterial plastics in hand dryer

Antimicrobial activity of plastics backed by independent lab test report


V Jet Hand Dryer

The powerful motor generates air speed in excess of 400 Km/Hr which scrapes water from the hands to dry them in 12 seconds.

Motor of V Jet Hand Dryer

V Jet hand dryer has No heating element. 

Smartly uses heat energy of the motor to assist in drying hands. 

V Jet Hand Dryer Size
V Jet Hand Dryer Size

Compact design easily fits into all washrooms.

95% savings compared to paper towels

Save 95% cost by using Askon V Jet Hand Dryer as compared to paper towels.

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V Jet Hand dryers are high air speed hand dryers with air coming out in V shape at the front of the hand dryer. V jet hand dryers rely more on drying hands with air speed rather than heat. They are small and compact hand dryers with HEPA filters and high speed motor. The V Jet hand dryers feature a 30,000 RPM motor, anti-bacterial and fire retardant plastics and solid state relay for utmost hygiene and long product life. 

The V jet hand dryer dries hands without heating coil. Hence the power consumption of the V jet hand dryer is extremely less as it uses less energy and takes less time to dry hands. These new generation hand dryers save more than 95% cost compared to paper towels and also lead to quick ROI in matter of few months.

                                                                         FAQ for V Jet Hand Dryers

Where can we install V Jet Hand Dryers?

V Jet hand dryers are hand dryers designed for fast drying in heavy traffic areas. V jet hand dryers can be installed in all commercial places like offices, malls, airports, restaurants, cafes etc and can handle heavy traffic due to its heavy duty construction and fast drying.  

What are the salient features of V Jet Hand Dryers?

The V Jet Hand Dryers are made out of polycarbonate plastics which are much stronger and heat resistant compared to ABS plastic. It has a high speed motor which rotates in excess of 30000 RPM to create thin high air velocity blades to dry hands in 12 seconds. The air is sucked into the hand dryer through two HEPA filters which remove the impurities from air. This jet hand dryer is compact in size and fits in all types of washrooms with ease.   

How should we figure out how many hand dryers to be installed in our facility?

The exact number of hand dryers to be installed depends upon the level of traffic in the facility. But as a thumb rule one hand dryer for every two washbasins is sufficient for most applications. 

Where are V Jet Hand dryers manufactured?

These V Jet hand dryers are manufactured by our company as its facility in Mumbai. Right from design to production is done in house enabling us to provide best quality hand dryers at the best prices to our customers.


What is the power consumption of the hand dryers? 

The V jet hand dryer does not use a heating coil. This reduces the power consumption of the hand dryer significantly as 75-80% of the power in a hand dryer is consumed by heating coil. The V Jet hand dryer dries hands in 12 seconds and 

How much savings can be achieved by using V Jet Hand Dryer compared to other hand dryers and paper towels?

As compared to other hand dryers, V Jet Hand dryers can save 75% of operational costs as it does not have a heating coil and the thin blades of high velocity air dry hands faster as compared to traditional type hand dryers. As compared to paper towels, V Jet hand dryers save 95% of operational costs as it saves the recurring costs of paper towels, cost of paper towel dispensers and the labour cost of refilling and empty out paper towels.  

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